Legal and General America-Banner Life Announces COI Increase

Legal and General America- Banner Life announced Cost of Insurance Increase will occur to Select Inforce Universal Life Plans effective August 1, 2015. Policy owners will be notified by letter beginning July 15, 2015 of the increase.

Posted by Calkins-Kramer Insurance, Inc. on July 15th 2015
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Mutual/United of Omaha Term Life Express Adds 10 Year Product

Effective July 1, 2015, a new 10 year term will be added to the Term Life Express portfolio.

This new addition will round out the already robust simplified issue term portfolio and give you one more option for your clients life insurance needs. And similar to the existing Term Life Express products, the new term product can be converted into another simplified issue permanent policy.

The 10 yr term product is available in all states except New York. It will only be available on paper application July 1, 2015 and will be added to IGO e-app at a later date.

Posted by Calkins-Kramer Insurance, Inc. on June 30th 2015
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Genworth New TLC product approved in FL and CT

Effective June 1, 2015 Genworth Life Insurance Company (Genworth Life) will launch the new Total Living Coverage® (TLC) product in Connecticut and Florida in order to continue to gain nationwide adoption of the most recent TLC product. TLC is a linked benefits life insurance product that combines the features and benefits of both universal life and long term care (LTC) insurance.
• Lifetime Return of Premium Rider (ROP) benefit available after policy year three*
• Issue age based on age last birthday rather than age nearest birthday
• Uncapped Residual Death Benefit (RDB)
• ROP and Guaranteed Minimum Benefit Rider (GMBR) do not terminate on policy loan or withdrawal
• Caregiver Support Services for immediate family members
• International Coverage Benefits include out-of-country home care
• Current/Guaranteed interest rates: 3.60%/3.00%
• Simplified WinFlex illustration
• Ticket submission through TLC Quick Request system
• Premium expense charge will be 12% for each premium received
• A new field underwriting tool called eValuate™ that can help make a more precise assessment of a client’s underwriting category.
With this launch, the new TLC product will be available in all states except CA, HI and

Posted by Calkins-Kramer Insurance, Inc. on May 08th 2015
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Changes to TransAmerica LTC Inflation Benefit

Changes to Benefit Increase Options Effective March 9, 2015

As you know, Transamerica LTC is committed to the long term care market. We believe that providing stand-alone long term care products represents a key element of any solid financial plan.


Transamerica LTC will continue to manage our products and offerings to help ensure their long term sustainability and maintain our position as a leader in the long term care industry.


To ensure we stay true to this objective, we’re announcing the following two changes to our product portfolio effective March 9, 2015:


  1. We are suspending sales of the 3% Compound Benefit Increase Option (BIO) Rider across all of our product lines: TransCare II®, TransCare III®, and Transamerica Secure®
  2. We will discontinue commissions for sales of the 5% Compound BIO Rider.

All applications that include the 3% Compound BIO must be received by Transamerica LTC no later than close of business onFriday, March 6, 2015. You may continue to use the current application forms.


Why the change?
These changes are consistent with our strategy to have sustainable products for the long term and reflect our ongoing commitment to the long term care market.


Worksite Sales
If you are currently enrolling a worksite case, you may continue to enroll the case and offer the 3% Compound BIO Rider until the end of the open enrollment period. All re-enrollments are subject to the new modifications listed above.


To learn more about each of these benefits, please view our BIo flyer here.


Posted by Calkins-Kramer Insurance, Inc. on March 02nd 2015
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Lincoln National MoneyGuard II available in Florida

Effective February 9, 2015 Lincoln MoneyGuard II is now available for sale in Florida.  MoneyGuard Reserve Plus Ticket  and point of sale forms must be received at the home office by March 11, 2015 for the previous product.

MoneyGuard II offers a couples discount, which provides between 15% to 20% more in benefits than the MoneyGuard Reserve Plus.  Males qualify for up to 10% to 15% higher benefits then Lincoln MoneyGuard Reserve Plus.

Posted by Calkins-Kramer Insurance, Inc. on February 18th 2015
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