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Calkins-Kramer Insurance Offers Solutions for Clients with Complicated Medical Histories

A female, age 55, is a non-smoker who is treated for elevated cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes. Her diabetes is treated with oral medications and an insulin pump. In addition, she has a past history of alcoholism noted in her chart. Her blood glucose is routinely elevated above indicated range in her medical records and her A1c was 8.1 percent on her insurance exam. The table-rated term life insurance quotes for this client through other carriers began at a Table D rating. However, when her application was processed thru Calkins-Kramer Insurance, she was approved by a major life insurance carrier for a $5 million policy at standard non-smoker rates.

A male, age 70, is a non-smoker who needs $250,000 of term life insurance. His height is 5'11" and his weight is 350 pounds. While he is currently being treated for hypertension, he is not diabetic and all of his lab values were within normal limits. The table-rated term life insurance rates for this client through other brokerages were Table H or decline. However, when his application was processed through Calkins-Kramer Insurance, he was approved by a major insurance carrier for a $250,000 policy at a Table B rating.