Banner Life OpTerm 25 Exchange Program

Banner Life has just announced the Trade UP Program for Eligible OPTerm owners who can swap their policies for a 25 year plan. Contact Calkins-Kramer Insurance for details and a list of your eligible customers.

Posted by Calkins-Kramer Insurance, Inc. on June 22nd 2016
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Calkins-Kramer Insurance Now Offers OneAmerica

Calkins-Kramer Insurance now offers OneAmerica products. OneAmerica is a leader in linked benefit products.

Posted by Calkins-Kramer Insurance, Inc. on June 22nd 2016
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Genworth Suspends Sale of Traditional Life and Fixed Annuity Products

Effective Monday, March 7, 2016, Genworth will no longer accept new applications for our traditional life insurance and fixed annuity products: Asset Builder Index Life II, Foundation Builder Index Universal Life , Colony Term, Total Living Coverage (TLC) and Annuity Secure Living series.

Posted by Calkins-Kramer Insurance, Inc. on February 05th 2016
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Met Life to Divest Life Insurance Unit

MetLife says it’s planning to break off part of its business that sells life insurance to U.S. households because of stiffer federal regulations regarding the amount of capital the company is expected to hold.

In a statement, MetLife said it is “currently evaluating structural alternatives for such a separation, including a public offering of shares in an independent, publicly traded company, a spin-off, or a sale.”

NPR’s Chris Arnold reports that MetLife is what the govt calls a “systemically important financial institution” or in other words, too big to fail. He explains that under the Dodd-Frank regulatory-overhaul law, MetLife will have to hold more capital to protect the company against a possible collapse in some future crisis.

Even though the company is challenging this requirement in federal court, today’s announcement signals that MetLife is also making contingency plans.

“The life-insurance unit brings in about 20 percent of the company’s overall earnings. As a separate entity, the unit wouldn’t have to sit on as much cash, which could allow it to be more competitive,” Chris says.

MetLife said it plans to keep its divisions that sell benefits services to employers, along with pension and retirement products.

Posted by Calkins-Kramer Insurance, Inc. on January 13th 2016
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Total Living Coverage Simulator

Utilize Genworth’s TLC Simulator with your next Linked Benefit prospect. The TLC Simulator helps you walk your clients through a tailored exploration of their financial goals.

Does your client want the protection of having both life insurance and long term care benefits or to retain control by having access to their money or even if they simply want to get as much leverage out of their money as possible.

The TLC Simulator generates simple and compelling charts that shows clients how Total Living Coverage can assist with their priorities.

You can explore the TLC Simulator on your computer, tablet, or iPad.

Posted by Calkins-Kramer Insurance, Inc. on August 13th 2015
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