Webinar-Long Term Care verses Chronic Illness Riders

Join us on Tuesday, November 11, 2014 at 2pm. Genworth will be offering a webinar which explains the differences between Long Term Care and Chronic Illness Riders.  What questions to ask about these options. Contact Calkins-Kramer Insurance for the link to register for this event.

Posted by Calkins-Kramer Insurance, Inc. on October 31st 2014
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Long Term Care Product Change Announced

NOW IS THE TIME TO LOCK IN RATES AND BENEFITS FOR YOUR FLORIDA LTC CLIENTS Major Long Term Care Company announces a LTC product change in Florida. Time is limited to lock in the current Long Term Care Product and rates for Florida Cases. The New Product will offer : Gender Based pricing Decreased maximum limits for daily and monthly benefits Reduce maximum benefit years Home Care Services will now only be reimbursed for Agency Services Contact our office now to update your quotes and lock in the current product benefits and rates for your clients.

Posted by Calkins-Kramer Insurance, Inc. on October 13th 2014
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